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Meteorites: Safest Places to Avoid Meteorites? Meteor Crater Arizona

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  • Meteorites: Safest Places to Avoid Meteorites? Meteor Crater Arizona

    This interesting Site is well known, east of the Meteorite Crater at Winslow, Arizona. Also known as a meteorite crater in Arizona. The safest places to visit or camp to avoid a second large meteorite impact. Meteorites are NOT known to impact the same crater, ever, ever again. Well, no witnesses to claim this has occurred, so I stand firm on this scientific discovery, of little or no merit.

    If you are traveling along the Interstate Highway towards this big hole in the ground with no lake within, look ahead as the exit comes up fast and once you pass the exit... you are not going to back track and miss the exit a second time.

    This is the potential TARGET for the next fast moving large meteor impact in the area. A target of sorts. We camped at this spot, twice, as I would like to have some fresh meteorite specimens. We slept in our trailer. This tourist site has fallen into disrepair and may even have a Keep Out Aliens sign.

    Stop here if you are not in a hurry. The exits were expensive to build. the parking lot is level. The headlights of 18 wheelers at night are bright. I found One Alien and two creatures that looked mean.

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ID:	674974 Looks like fun . I would disagree with your assessment of meteorites not hitting in the same place twice. A quick glance at the moon 🌙 surface would say other wise 😉
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      Yes indeed. Numerous meteorites of lunar origin have been found on earth.

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    Sgt. Digger.... I do not see a Meteor City Building in your photograph. I looked. Put my reading glasses on, just in case. If you find a meteor crater near the Meteor City Building... let everyone know. The parking lot will fill up within hours of an email. I will have a wheel barrow and three Heelers. One is a digger.

    Meteor City has an atmosphere. How many meteorite samples have you seen listed on EBay from the Moon? EBay is the 'authority' on meteorites and meteor wrongs, displayed and for sale.

    Among my Blue Heelers, the youngest digs mini meteorite impacts in our landscaped back yard crushed rock. She has not recovered anything, yet. But I have my 12 fingers crossed she may do better while camping. She does not dig an impact crater, next to one previously dug.

    Some day, when Lunar Tourism is the rage... these rare meteorites found on this Planet... will be almost worthless. Like a one dollar bill is today. "Fifty Pounds on the Lunar Surface" may be hundreds on Earth. What a deal. I may offer tickets, soon.

    What is tough to find on the Moon is Bad Weather. What is tough on Earth to find are Meteorite and Asteroid Impacts. Clean your roof gutters for the little stuff.

    There were Asteroid Impacts south of Casper, Wyoming in the Mississippian / Pennsylvanian Period as well as in the Ozarks of Missouri. Collided into the soft Ocean Deposits, which are now solid limestone with impacts filled in with sandstone and shale.

    No Meteor Crater Building at those places, either.

    We were camped in eastern Nevada, minding our own business... as usual. I am looking around and see this smoke streak and sparks flying, coming straight down, from the blue sky, maybe a mile away. I know about the general area, but no Sonic Boom... so was pretty small or space junk... like a Mars candy bar wrapper burning up on reentry of the atmosphere.
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      Hey post and thanks for the way, the woman in the first pic is my mother's doppelganger......I took a screenshot and sent to her and my father, they both agreed, looks just like my mom.....I was taken aback when I first saw the pic.....I was like, that's my ...crazy
      Benny / Western Highland Rim / Tennessee


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        We are both Aliens, from another World and returned to the mother ship after taking the photograph. Small Universe, I say.