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Need help selecting an avatar...

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  • Need help selecting an avatar...

    Can't decide what I want my avatar to look like, the one I'm using now may be too scary... I thought why not ask the forum to help choose!!!!
    I have attached a few I like and you guys chime in as to your favorite, pick a number, I'll give it till Monday 2/16, tally em up and go with the favorite, should be fun :lol: :dry: :huh: :woohoo:
    #1 - this is the one I'm using now...






    I don't know how this will go over so only one vote each, thanks... note: all photos are public domain, thanks :woohoo:

  • #2
    #3  The Pin-Head!?!?!?? :silly:   Just kiddin I think that one is best.
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      I like #3 also if I had to choose among this group. Personally, I like to use pics of personal finds and change it every so often (although I have been stuck for a while).
      Like a drifter I was born to walk alone


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        I kind of like the guy with four eyes! #2
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          #3 is my favorite as well.
          Rhode Island


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            Well it looks like number #3 is the big winner, although it appears not too many cared, but hey - 4 people did!!!!  And that's good enough for me...thanks to the 4 people who took time out to vote...and the many who viewed my crazy idea and could not vote...
            I appreciate it...


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              Looks good Pointman.
              Like a drifter I was born to walk alone


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                Sorry Pointman I could not decide. I think you made the right decision guys recommending 3 it looks good.
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