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wood bowl..I should say I made

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  • wood bowl..I should say I made

    I thought I would share this pic of a wood bowl I made in the 7 th grade...Won third place back then at Murry state.  Its almost an artifact :rolf:

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    Nice bowl! Haven't seen one of those wooden bowls in years.


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      Nice Job Jeff  You have the beginnings of a family heirloom there.
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        Nice cherry wood bowl Jeffery - it's good that you hung on to it after all these eons
        I was probably gouging out a bowl at about the same time as you in 7th grade woodshop - a vertically glued laminate of walnut/birch as I recall. I also made a coffee table, desk, and lamps: working with the tools and great woods was a lot of fun. Do kids even have shop classes any more or would the tools be considered weapons?
        None of my fine craftsmanship survived: being from a military family we moved around quite a bit, and what the five kids in my family didn't destroy was probably given away to relatives -and- friends - still, good memories though. Thanks!
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          Dang fine looking bowl my friend!!!


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            an eatin/drinkin noggin i made out of a giant fallen pines heartwood
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