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Greatest Alley-oop Dunk Ever!!

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  • Greatest Alley-oop Dunk Ever!!

    Must see video clip for basketball fans!
    His name is Bryce Cotton. He's 5'11", not 6'1" as listed. Went undrafted from my team, Providence, this year.
    Tore up the NBA D League. Utah Jazz signed him to two 10 days, then a non guarenteed multi year contract. In other words, "you went undrafted, so prove yourself kid. This is the NBA. Have what it takes or go play in Europe."
    Well, injuries have given Bryce his opportunity. And last night he threw down an alley-oop dunk that has already been called "legendary" by his NBA peers. I think my guy Bryce is gonna make it!
    Here's the must see video if you're a basketball fan. And bear in mind, this kid is not even left handed when he does this :

    Rhode Island

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    Kid has Hops! That's Rediculous! Its always impressive when the short guy throws it down but dang!
    I love his reaction after the dunk, there isn't one! I haven't followed that kid but one thing is clear in that short clip, he's not taking "no" for an answer and he's here to play. Put up or shut up, that kind of motor can't be taught and it's my most favorable attribute to a good basketball player. Play your hardest every play,  if you won't, go sit on the bench and let's find someone who will. We've been fortunate to have a couple of players at Kentucky in the past few years with that kind of motor. Davis, Gilchrist, Bledsoe.... That attribute transfers to the next level.
    Josh (Ky/Tn collector)


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      A couple of teams actually told him they would take him in the second round if he agreed to hone his game in Europe. He said "no thank you", and now fate has stepped in and repaid him big time for believing in himself. Josh, Cotton was offered by Providence just 2 days before he was to start attending a junior college in Az., where he's from. No other Division 1 school offered him. When he signed his first 10 day, Utah fans let out a collective yawn. Well, to say the least, they are not poking fun of his size anymore. And fans in Providence are beaming with pride this morning. He's a very, very humble young man. It's one of his most endearing characteristics. Can't help but root for someone who knows full well he's good enough, but will never pound his own chest and say "look at me." Never. He is destined to be well loved by the fans of whatever team he ends up with.
      Wow, just trying to hang onto a job in the NBA, and he goes out and left hands(he's right handed) a dunk for tne ages! Just wow....
      Rhode Island


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        I was always jealous of those 2 foot much more explosive than the one foot leapers.  That is very nice.  I had no idea he was that athletic haha.  Utah is decimated in the back court currently too.  I hope he gets his chance to shine more often
        Montani Semper Liberi


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          That was awesome.  He kinda bobbled and recollected it before cramming it.  All in mid air.


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            Three minute highlight reel of Cotton's performance. He had one other play that brought the entire stadium to it's feet as he faked his defender right out of his shorts, lol. My guy Bryce Cotton will never see the D League again!  I'm stoked. I knew he could make it at that level. But now I'm starting to think I might actually be seeing the emergence of a star point guard. BTW, for the last 2 years at Providence, he was worked out daily by former Friar God Shammgod, who taught Kobe "the Shammgod move " and who is widely regarded as having the best handle of any guard to play the game. So he had quite the mentor at Providence.
            But this is just too much. How often, under extreme pressure to save your job, does a player put on a show like this?
            He basically is filling in for their injured 2nd string PG, and in just 3 games has shown them why he's a whole lot better then all the scouts predicted. Way, way better!
            Rhode Island