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    Assuming one of the top 2 lose thier respective conference championship games, who would yall put in the BCS championship game and why?
    Flame on.... :laugh:

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    Oregon has no conf. champ. game they do have conf. game left aginst oregon st. coming off tough loss to stanford. Im sure state would love to end season with win over #1 in state rival. Auburn has had lots of close games, conf. champ. game against good south carolina team is better chance of upset. Auburn beat s. c. early in season only other two losses were conf. for s. c. There are a few good one loss teams out there. If only one were to suffer loss of course TCU aginst winner. But if #1 -and- #2 lose I would say TCU vs. Wisc. but BCS might give it to Stanford, what a mess it would be! Don't think both 1 -and- 2 will lose, CFB got to luv it.


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      I actually posted this before I realized that Boise State had lost this weekend so I was looking for opinions on who to put in if one of the two lost thier last game...the whole TCU vs. BS vs. 1-Loss teams would have been a mess


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        Sorry andrew did not know. Agree it would have been a mess. Sometimes it fixes itself sometimes not. It could still be a mess if both #1 -and- 2 loose. Who will get to play TCU? BCS will decide, a lot of big 10 teams will be P.O.


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          Hey maybe my Buckeyes could sneak in the back door!!! Nah we have seen the result of the last two times that happened. Wisconsin would be fun to watch. But will end up in the Rose Bowl I am sure. We will have to sit back and let some other sap PO 90% of the nation Andrew. Whether the Bucs get recognition or not, we still spanked Michigan AGAIN. Or as my old buddy Woody Hayes used to say "That team up North" Good luck to all.