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    Speaking of sports . I have never found anything that would be a gameball or sport related artifact . Yes hunting is a sport .
    Does anyone have sport related artifacts from NA ? I think this could be a cool thread seeing as I have never seen one except for in books .

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    Hey Tam, I have a pecked ball but it's probably a bola rather than game ball: So still for hunting. This Bola Stone is spherical with a two inch diameter. The only damage is a small implement mark. The bola was recovered in Central Illinois.

    Click image for larger version

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      discoidals top from Middle Tennessee bottom from North Carolina
      Click image for larger version  Name:	discoidal.jpg Views:	1 Size:	32.4 KB ID:	293415 Click image for larger version  Name:	Discoidal1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	72.5 KB ID:	293416

      A game was played called Chunkey you can read more about it at the following link.
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        Thank you for the link on the discoidals Matt.
        Rodger did a fantastic job on that post.
        I am a bit confused by it though. Roger paints the Mississippian culture as very war like and the video (the mound builders) paints an entirely different story.

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      SNow snake is a game still played by Ojibwa Indians. Ring and pin was a game played by many tribes. Although not a sport ring and pin was fun but not an easy game to master. There was a Pin maybe made of wood or bone with a thong tied to it and there were deer phalange or toe bones threaed onto a string attached to the pin. the other end had a leather fob with holes in it. you would swing the fob and try to land a hole onto the pin once you did you had to let a bone out and it made swinging the fob harder once you landed another then a second bone would be let out and you had to swing the fob with two bones dangling on it not an eay game to play at all.
      I may have the object wrong but above was the way I was taught. Below is a link with a picture of what the game piece looks like for ring and pin game and speaks of the rules
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        Lacrosse , Snowshoeing , running cross country.
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          Matt went back and really read this thanks .

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        I found a turn of the century clay marble poking out of the ground while hunting NA artifacts. But that doesn't really count, unless a turn of the century Native American owned it
        Winters in Arizona, summers in Michigan's UP. What could be better?


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          Funny you mention marbles. I have found about a half dozen or so over the years while artifact hunting...

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        Love this thank you ... learning


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          Seems like the woodland games were cross over from hunting skills . The best hunters would always win


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            Stickball is another one Tam
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              Love that Hoss , thank you