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  • This one isn't welcome

    My dad and I have been dealing with some rescently purchased property and I spotted this critter. I haven't personally hunted In a few years and ain't big on killing stuff but this guy had to go. These guys are common around here along with the cottonmouth and timber rattlers . These guys will get your attention.

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    Yep! Gotta go! I'm about as fearless of snakes as anybody I know personally but I don't tolerate those critters presence. I've got this built in natural reflex to start looking for a big stick, rake, paint pole, shovel whatever can be grabbed quickest when I see those. Lol my gun is usually to far away to waste time fetching...
    Josh (Ky/Tn collector)


    • Havenhunter
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      Killed the last one with a hoe & shook for an hour afterwards.

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    That's a copperhead and he looks to be a big critter. Paul, how big would you say he was? Unlike most snakes that will try to get away when you approach, Copperheads are the one snake that is very aggressive and will stand it's ground and even attack when disturbed. I whack every one I see cause of the grandkids. Ain't takn' no chances up here. Nice pic - by the way.
    Pickett/Fentress County, Tn - Any day on this side of the grass is a good day. -Chuck-


    • p kurt
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      Chuck it was pushing three feet. I have had gobs of run ins with copperheads and they do tend to be agressive. I have had them come off of the bank and challenge me in my kayak or when i am walking. Cottonmouths usely hold their ground and I hardly ever see a rattler. One of my cousins got bit by a copperhead on the hand in his barn early this summer and nearly killed him. I like snakes in general but not poisonous ones. Me and my family sold forty acres that bordered a nature preserve that was a bluff next to a huge swamp. It was literally covered in c ottonmouths and walking in the dark was scary. Get within a few feet of a cottonmouth shedding and watch that dude strike at anything it thinks is alive. I generally give poisonous snakes their space but if it's a spot I plan on hanging out, they ain't welcome.

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    I guess we have a different species down here. I catch copper heads and rattlers and release them in the Wild West of my home. Cotton mouths...I kill on sight.
    i caught three copperheads in my barn last year, and they were three of the biggest I've ever seen, and they were together. I just picked them up and put them in a bucket.*

    *dont try that at home, as I am also crazy.


    • 2ndoldman
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      You are bonkers my friend.

    • p kurt
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      I don't handle poisonous ones , that could turn out very bad. I usely bring it up about once a year but nearly me there is road that is closed twice a year for snake migration. Look at it on YouTube, union county snake road.

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    I get the hee bee jeebes when it comes to snakes. I don't like coming apon them and have had a rattler under my feet. ..told unraveling when you can hear underneath you. I have walked into 10 foot bull snakes and I think my heart stop. But they serve a as a way to keep the rodent population down. I would rather be scared out of my wits than over run by rodents.
    I hate snakes and my first thought is kill it.
    but then I think what the other alternative is a rat infestation
    Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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      While on an "Island" Gravelbar on a cool Spring Morning I glance down toward My feet and what do I see? One of those as cool as a Cucumber so,,,, I didn't do what I normally would have done to Copperhead's. It was just warming up and went through some cold water to get to The Sun.

      I hear King Snake's kill/eat Copperhead's, if You come across any might be good to have out there.


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        The remarks here reflect the fear that most people seem to have of snakes. Generally speaking, the less they know about them the more afraid they are of them. Lots of fear here. I never kill poisonous snakes when I am on their turf unless they present a danger to me. I had the same attitude about bears when I lived in Alaska. No snakes up there. But I wouldn't tolerate it if bears were going to take over my place. They will sometimes try to break into homes or cabins to get food and I have known them to come into dog lots and kill dogs. You can kill bears without a license in defense of life or property. If they come into my yard as if to take up residency then I will kill them but never out in the woods unless I was hunting specifically for them. I never kill non poisonous snakes and have only killed one small cottonmouth when it came into my yard a couple of years ago.


        • Scorpion68
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          Joe - I've been around snakes all my life and although I don't particularly like them (never have one as a pet) I don't go out of my way looking for them. Here on the mountain we have copperheads and timber rattlers and if I encounter one in the wild, I attempt to avoid them and have been successful so far. But when I start finding them in my yard - it's a whole nother story. My wife is handicapped and can't move well enough to avoid an encounter and the grandkids, although educated about the poisonous ones, probably wouldn't remember until it was too late. I just err on the side of better judgement. I could just try to relocate them but I'm no snake wrangler and would probably wind up killing it anyway. But I do know people who view every snake as a threat.

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        Blew the head off with a 40 cal .
        to many kids playing down the street . Drove by it and turned
        around after I saw the SMALL kids .
        I know bury the head the raddle kept going .


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          Well good shooting, you had plenty of stopping power with the .40 caliber.


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            That all that was in the car . I think the rifle would have been over kill ...
            bounced off and hit me in the head .
            The 40 was bad enough .