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  • Dam!

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    I wish this damn dam would bust already. Gonna churn up my favorite stretch of creek real nice.
    Rick, East Central Missouri

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    Rick.... it looks like that's your story and your sticking to it.
    Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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      Those critters are some engineering experts. Those dams are very strong and rarely fail under natural circumstances. I have seen in my area after some heavy floods that most of the dam infrastructure remains and the beavers just build it again when the water drops.
      The chase is better than the catch...


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        That’s an awesome dam! You have to appreciate a beaver!


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          Those are good luck. It's better after They are gone though.


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            Those Beavers are industrious little devils. I was surprised to find they were on Dale Hollow Lake in my area. The Tenn Wildlife Resource Authority officer told me where to go to see them and what they were doing to the shoreline. Now Rick - a half stick of dynamite might get that water rolling down stream real good. Yuk Yuk!!
            Pickett/Fentress County, Tn - Any day on this side of the grass is a good day. -Chuck-


            • Havenhunter
              Havenhunter commented
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              Now don't go giving him bad advice! Lol They may be blocking a good flow on the downstream but have created great wildlife habitat above it.

            • Scorpion68
              Scorpion68 commented
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              Sorry Deb - was just thinking out loud. I don't even know if a private citizen can even get dynamite anymore. We used to use it when I was a kid to remove tree stumps from farm land.

            • BabaORiley
              BabaORiley commented
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              We had a stick of dynamite once years ago from a friend that worked in a quarry. Lemme tell ya it aint like the movies where they light it and throw it...not even close...BOOM...BIG BIG BOOM...

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            Hoss is going to like this . You saw my beaver dam . Worst part was Wayne shot a buck across it .
            Yeah that was fun .
            Intersting with the little sticks . Or straw


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              By the looks of the sticks in that dam it looks like its been there a long time. You can't remove beaver dams before first removing the beavers. They will always come back and rebuild. So get yourself a trapping license and go to work. BTW if you have never tried to skin a beaver and make a pelt of it then you have no idea of what you are getting yourself into. lol. Skinning a deer is child's play in comparison. And then mounting it into the properly accepted circular frame is a whole nother skill. I think you probably got to live with what you have. Mother Nature does not make things easy for us. No reason why she should. lol


              • Kyflintguy
                Kyflintguy commented
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                We likely need more trappers these days, I do know beaver are going unchecked in many places with virtually no natural predators to challenge them and that's never a good thing. They are very good at taking advantage of the lay of the land. Seems like they are everywhere on the Kentucky River back home. Caught many a fish though thanks to those deep pools they leave. I imagine cleaning and tanning is a task as you stated...

              • OnewiththewilD
                OnewiththewilD commented
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                Stinkiest animals I’ve ever skinned! And oily as well!

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              You know you guys just made me think of something . Sadly the dog hunters do come in and blow those up at the end of Nov / Dec for their hunting season . But I was shocked at how fast the distuction of that dam became . Sitting 20 ft up in a deer stand new white oaks were falling . Vegetation was dead . So with the rains taking all that away hmmm I think I found some new point hunting grounds . The creek will be cleared out . Hope for some wash ups .


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                You should go in the walking stick business