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Another beaver dam Hoss

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  • Another beaver dam Hoss

    The beaver Dam got so backed up it has flooded a back country road
    and we can’t cross it now . So out we go with Herbert a 77 year old man in the picture that is fit as a fiddle . Had to break some of it down to drain . I got a really nice stick for walking that the beaver chewed all the bark off of and left his little teeth marks . It has a really nice texture now and I am going to stain it with some ochre he gave me . He made me my first stick with a fossil inlay .

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    Taking care of beaver dams is easy if you have earplugs. Click image for larger version

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    In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?


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      Yep they do that out here .


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        Nice Cotton Mouth den under all those sticks on the dam.


        • Havenhunter
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          Yeah, the slithers are out in force here in the Tidewater. Saw a black rat snake more than 3' long hunting toads & voles in my garden this morning. Keep my squirrel popper close by in case I spot a Copperhead.

        • Tam
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          And you don’t see me in the pick . I am the look out and side digger

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        The largest beaver dam on record was found in Wood Buffalo Park in Alberta, Canada in 2014. Those Canuck beavers do not screw around ay? That is todays beaver dam fact...
        The chase is better than the catch...
        From the flatlands of N'Eastern Illinois...


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          Check into a device called a beaver deciever. It's a pipe to go through the dam to keep the water where you want. Btw they dont have to be a fancy one like the first ones that come up on google.


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            Andy great