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  • fall turkey season

    as most of your are aware i am very avid turkey hunter.

    fall turkey season is well under way here in MN and i have been spending all my free time hunting.

    last weekend my son and i went and hunted a piece of private farm land that my best friends son rents.
    i had no time to do any pre-scouting so we were going in blind.

    we arrived at his place saturday morning an hour before first light.

    we talked with Trent and he told us where he thinks they come out of every morning,walked across the field and set up the blind about 30 yards or so from the adjoining property where the woods are.we didnt have permission to hunt that property so we kept a good berth from it.
    as we were setting up the blind and decoys in the dark with our headlamps on,we spotted some turkey poop and feathers.should be a good spot.

    at around 8:00 am i needed to go talk to a guy about a i got out of the blind walked down a bit and found a tree. after i finished my business i thought ot my self that i should just get back into the blind.
    but i decided to go walk and look at the other field to see if there were any birds out there or any good sign. well i found lots of good sign that showed the birds did indeed frequent that field as well. as i was coming around the corner of the tree line making my way back to the blind i see several turkey headed to the blind and decoys. i crouch down and stay put so as not to ruin it for my son.
    when the birds got about 20 yards or so from the blind i hear my 835 ulti mag bark and see a turkey hit the dirt.he got one ATTA BOY WES!!!!

    we stayed put for awhile in hopes that the other birds would come back so i could try my luck with my new 935 mag turkey gun that i named mother (in rememberance of my mom who passed away at the beginning of spring turkey season). well no such luck seeing another bird so after an hour or so we packed it in and headed home so Wes could get his bird cleaned.

    once his bird was cleaned and he headed for his home in Brainerd Mn i went back for the afternoon to see if i could get lucky.well once again no such luck.
    on sunday i was there once again before sunup.
    shortly after sunup the remaining birds from the flock that he took his jake from,came out of the woods in the exact same spot. they looked at my set up for a bit and back into the woods they went.i think they learned from the day before. so sunday was a bad day of hunting(if there is such a thing) but it was still better than a good day at work,

    today i didnt have to work,so once again i went out to Trents place and was there about 45 minutes before first light.this time i set up in a different field. shortly after sunup i seen a bunch of birds fly down from roost. they were more than 200 yards away from,walked across the field to the other tree line and i seen even more birds fly down. they meandered around the field for awhile keeping their distance and back into the woods they went where the first bunch flew down from roost at.

    i patiently waited and played with the farm cat that came out to my blind with me.
    a little while later they cam back out of the woods,this time they were only 140 yards or so away from me. i watched as they slowly made their way in my direction.
    when they got to about 80 yards away 2 birds brock from the flock and started running straight at me.i could tell one was a jake(no big deal as its legal to shoot hens here in the fall season).when they got to about 25 yards i placed the reticle of the eotech sight on him and squeezed the trigger and i MISSED!!! so i fired again-another MISS!!!,hes still running away and place the reticle on him one more time and squeeze the trigger back and mother hollers at him again-BIRD DOWN!!! BIRD DOWN!!!!!.

    now in all fairness this is the first time i have ever hunted with this gun or this type of sight system( i know,no excuse)

    all day i had been thinking about my mom and how i missed her and love her. she always said she wished she could go turkey hunting with me. i know today she was with me in spirit.
    this gun is named Mother(was bough with the little money she left me) so now mother gets to go turkey hunting with me every year.

    im not to proud to admit that i did cry a little after taking that bird with that gun. it meant a lot to me to be able to do it.

    i have been hunting turkey for over 20 years,and have taken many many turkeys.i have never mounted a fan as im not a turkey hunter. but the fan from this bird is special to me and will get mounted and hung in my man cave right next to my moms picture.

    i will try and post pics,but not sure if they will work as they were taken with my cell phone.

    thanks for reading.

    well i tried and it says max post size has been exceeded

    if any one can help me out i would truly appreciate it(im somewhat computer illiterate )

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    Sneaky - that was an awesome story and hunt. I felt like I was looking over your shoulder. I had a catch in my throat when you explained how special that take was to you in your Mother's name. My Mother, as I believe all men's Mother's are, was very special to me and I miss her to this day. Thanks for sharing such a special story and you son's take as well. Really enjoyed the hunt. By the by, I used to go to Photobucket to compress the pics from my camera. The compression reduced the MP size and allowed me to post them when we were restricted in the size to post. I believe they still exist and all you have to do is set up your own free account which is limited in size but you can control that easily by deleting after you post to


    • sneakygroundbuzzard
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      thanks chuck.

      i tried photo bucket years back,was to complicated for i said im a bit computer illiterate. i will ask my sons how i can make them smaller.they both are IT guys so they should be able to do it

    • Scorpion68
      Scorpion68 commented
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      There ya go. Leave it to the experts.

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    ok picture time thanks to one of my personal IT guys

    first is my son with his jake from saturday.the second is a picture of my jake from today

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20181006_095026276.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

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      Lol, you beat me to it! I deleted my mini tutorial,lol.
      Great post bud. Nice birds,good eatin”!
      call me Jay, i live in R.I.


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        Hey Tim, That was a hunt to remember and thanks for taking us along.
        Michigan Yooper
        If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything


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          Cool story I enjoyed it


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            Turkeys are my favorite animal to hunt. Period. I am more into spring hunting though.
            "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." Robert E. Lee


            • Kentucky point
              Kentucky point commented
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              Now I am converting to deer season. I am going out tonight for freezer meat. aka the deer.

            • sneakygroundbuzzard
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              not sure if im done hunting deer this year or not.still have a bow tag and gun season is next month.but i have class scheduled for the middle of next month so i can teach multi state permit to carry classes and still have other things to get in order for my gun training business.but one never knows,if time permits i will more than likely go out.i did notice when i was turkey hunting that this early cold has got the does running together and the bucks are making scrapes already.i did have two does less than fifteen yards from my blind while turkey hunting,they were very curious of my hen decoys. good luck on filling that freezer.

            • Kentucky point
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              Thanks! We need it.

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            Well done Jay.
            I am glad that your mom was able to help your failing eyes.
            In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?


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              Now after that dry spell you had I am so happy to read this story . I do believe your Mom was with you on that hunt . I remember she wanted you to have a special gun right ? really nice and Yum


              • sneakygroundbuzzard
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                thanks Tam. i felt like she was there in the blind with me(and the kitty)
                and yes,she always said she wish she could buy me the gun that i wanted,which is why i named that one mother.glad that mother is a good hunter.
                niw she will be with me every time i chase them turkeys with a gun in my hand.