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    I posted this in the thread checking on our Florida friends(I have yet to hear from a close friend, who lives with his wife in Longboat Key, but I’m sure their persons are safe) I’m posting again here, because it’s the best clip I’ve ever seen showing the sequence of a storm surge…

    What I did not realize until a few minutes ago, is that there was a couple in the red house, one sees the upstairs door open at the .05 mark, and a bit later, and that they escape after the house floated away. As noted in the first comment: UPDATE - We have confirmed via family that the people who were staying in this house at the time of the storm somehow were able to make it out alive even after floating away….

    Reminds me of an account from the Hurricane of ‘38. After their 3 story house, located on a narrow peninsula in Watch Hill, RI, disintegrated, the parents and children rode the floor of their attic a couple of miles in the Atlantic, before safely landing on a small island, from which they were later rescued.

    So many think of the wind, and how will it rate. Here is a dramatic sequence illustrating why the storm surge can be so deadly….

    Rhode Island

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    Unbelievable. Prayers for Florida.


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      Scary stuff. No joke. A reminder that building and investing and living on flat sea level ground is not a good bet.


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        Awesome power.
        SE IA


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              Moving water is worse than the wind. Friend in Tampa told me the storm pulled all the water out of Tampa Bay. Bone dry. Nothing but mud, rocks and crab traps. Think about a bay of water and it has to go somewhere. Click image for larger version

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                My friend lives on Longboat Key. All the houses front canals. He told me all the water was sucked out of the canals into the bay between key and mainland. Hence he suffered no storm surge at all, and Cat. 2 winds…..

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                looks like that might be Ballast Point in the far picture, along Bayshore Blvd in Tampa. Ballast Point is known as the "type site" for agatized coral geodes!!! I couldn't get out that way at all from St. Pete Dayum.

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              Crazy what mother nature can do
              Benny / Western Highland Rim / Tennessee


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                I’m sorry your friend gone quiet. I’m sure not MIA, maybeTDY, certainly out and about. Is friend adventuresome? Of a certain carpe-diem age? A Florida resident living in Keys, huh…?

                Devil-May-Care Hal did what “ Florida folks do in a hurricane… go down to the pier!”. And he and his all reside sweet lil community smack dabTampa Bay!

                Then, of course, there is the obligatory After-the-Hurricane Party. Followed by the unexpected OMGosh Looky All Artifacts Just Laying in Naked Bay adrenaline rush…

                I bet that’s where your friend is right now!
                Digging in GA, ‘bout a mile from the Savannah River


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                  If you mean my friend, I described above that all’s well. He actually experienced the opposite of a surge. The canal his home fronts saw all the water leave. No surge.

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                  Late as usual..Gonna fix that..🤔...👍🇺🇸🐟