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Does The Tasmanian Tiger Still Exist?

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  • Does The Tasmanian Tiger Still Exist?

    Considering we are living through one of the greatest extinction events in our planet's history, it would be such a feel good story if this critter still roamed Australia and Tasmania. There have been credible, but inconclusive sightings, for decades. Now scientists are keen to follow up on two recent credible sightings. There is a video at this link of the last known captive Tasmanian Tiger, if one is not familiar with the critter....

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    Cool story. We could use some good environmental news today.
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      Is this in response to today's Trump announcement?

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    That would be awesome if they located one. If they did, it would be a good case for sasquatch's possible existence since no Tasmanian remains have been found. Just a thought.


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      I saw an article on that but have not looked into it yet. I will check it out. Very interesting...
      The chase is better than the catch...


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        I cant remember the name of it but there was a movie some years back that was based in Tasmania I believe. It was about a guy that was given a job to go out into the wilderness and search for possible remaining Tasmanian tigers I believe. Anyone remember that title?
        The chase is better than the catch...


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          The cable show "Expedition Unknown" had an episode involving a search and witness interviews, but I don't remember the movie you reference.

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        Some claims appear more credible than others. Australia's ABC reports that researchers were particularly intrigued by a recent account given by former tour operator Brian Hobbs about a camping trip in 1983:

        " 'I hopped out of bed and put her [the dog] on a short leash, grabbed a spotlight and started to look around the camp towards the ravine area where I'd been walking the dog previously,' he said.

        " 'All of a sudden I had these sets of red eyes looking at me and there was a male, a female and two pups – I got within 20 metres of them.' ...

        " 'These animals, I've never seen anything like them before in my life,' he said.

        " 'They were dog-shaped – I had a shepherd with me so I certainly know what dogs are about – and in the spotlight I could see they were tan in color and they had stripes on their sides."