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  • A Bear for CMD

    This sounds like an area you'd be near, keep your lunch safely packed!
    A woman trapped in car with a black bear attempting to get in calls 911. “He had both feet up on top of the roof of the car at one point.”

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    Lol, yeah, the bear and woman actually had a tug of war with the door! The bear opened the door!

    There have been numerous sightings all over Rhode Island in the past month. One expert estimated no more then 6 bears are likely roaming the state at this time. He did not believe there are any actual dens in RI. They represent young males with dens in Ct. and Ma. ranging great distances in search of food. The expert cautioned that bird feeders represent a high caloric content that would otherwise require the bear to forage for quite some time, so they love to snag bird feeders.

    Bears have been occasionally sighted in RI for several decades, but it is likely 200-300 years since we actually had a native population with dens. I doubt we can really rule that out any longer, with bear populations increasing in neighboring states, and RI is still roughly 60% forested land. But they are showing up in populated areas more often in recent years, and this will only continue. There was a sighting one town north of me in the state's 2nd largest city.

    I live where most of us in RI live: the area that hugs Narragansett Bay. On the other hand, the so-called "Pawcatuck Borderlands", a large forested area in the western RI/eastern Ct. border area, is the largest stand of undeveloped forest land on the eastern seaboard between Boston and Washington. Looking at nighttime satellite photos, the Pawcatuck Borderlands( named for the Pawcatuck River. That river and the Wood river recently received the status as a "wild and scenic river". When younger, I would canoe those rivers often) stands out as dark in an area otherwise densely populated.

    Anyway, thanks clovisoid, it's so cool. People just need to live with these animals, just as they have learned to live with the Eastern coyote, which is a coyote/wolf hybrid, and has also become common, just in my lifetime. I was walking the neighborhood recently, and a coywolf trotted right by me, in broad daylight, lol.
    Rhode Island


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      No thank you, lol!
      "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." Robert E. Lee


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        Oh a big old bear chased my Mom
        at camp in Yosemite . I can’t believe later as teens we camped where we saw bear scat up in the Sierras. They didn’t make bear repellent back then . You just had to run faster then your friend .