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    We have upgraded the software that we use to run the forum and – unfortunately – it didn’t go according to plan. There are a number of things which now do not work as they should. Recently (end of March 2015) the utility that allows pictures to be uploaded and displayed in posts has also stopped functioning. You may or may not receive an error message, but – either way – your pictures will not be uploaded or displayed.

    Our profuse apologies for that, and please be assured that there are IT specialists working hard to restore full functionality… not just the picture uploader, but to fix other gremlins too.

    UPDATE (30th March 2015)
    The uploader that allows pictures to be added to posts is now working again. If you should experience further problems, please post them in the section linked below:

    For TECHNICAL help only! If something on seems not to be working, then please post here. We will try to respond within 24 hrs, but thanks for your patience!


    It is possible to upload pictures by an indirect route. We recommend Photobucket for this purpose, although other “image-hosting” websites should work equally well.


    Photobucket is an image (and video) hosting website. It’s free… simply use the link below and then click on the orange “Sign up” button to register for an account. Thereafter, you can upload pictures into your account and organise them into albums if you so wish. You can also choose “Privacy settings” to determine who can see your pictures (Public, Private or Require Password). Unless your albums contain sensitive material, it is recommended that for forum purposes, you set your account to “Public” or specify which albums you want to be visible (see also "Additional Note Concerning Privacy Settings in Photobucket" at the bottom of this page):

    Store your photos and videos online with secure storage from Photobucket. Available on iOS, Android and desktop. Securely backup your memories and sign up today!


    1. Open Photobucket in a new window and log in to your account.
    2. Navigate to the picture you want to use.
    3. To the right of your picture you will see a ‘SHARE LINKS’ heading. Click in the box of the bottom option titled ‘IMG’. That copies the link to your picture onto your clipboard and you should see a message confirming that.

    4. Switch to the window where the forum is running and create a new post.
    5. In that post, paste the link you copied into the body text of your message in the position where you want the picture to appear.
    6. Click “Submit”.


    - Currently, for reasons we have not yet established, the above procedure limits you to three pictures per post (rather than the usual eight) and if you attempt to add more pictures, you may find yourself permanently locked out of the forum. PLEASE DO NOT EXCEED THIS LIMIT!
    - There is a forum limit on the file size of a picture of approximately 15MB. The use of smaller files is recommended because large files may be slow to load (for both you and the people viewing your post). Typically, resizing your picture to a maximum of 1500 pixels in width will give a perfectly acceptable image size that loads quickly.
    - If you re-organize your Photobucket albums or rename pictures after you have inserted them into a post on the forum then you will break the link and your picture will no longer be displayed. For this reason, please regard Photobucket as a TEMPORARY solution until we are able to fix things properly.
    This thread is locked by the Moderators and you will not be able to respond to it. If you experience other difficulties, please post the nature of your problem in the forum section titled “I Need Help with the Forum!” (linked below):

    For TECHNICAL help only! If something on seems not to be working, then please post here. We will try to respond within 24 hrs, but thanks for your patience!

    It really helps us to keep track of what is and is not working if you start a new thread for a particular problem rather than adding on to someone else’s post (unless all you want to say is “me too… I have the same problem”).

    NORMAL SERVICE WILL BE RESUMED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and we thank you for your patience and perseverance in the meantime.

    Additional Note Concerning Privacy Settings in Photobucket
    If you are concerned about the privacy of your pictures in Photobucket, you can:
    1) Click on "Settings" in your profile options.
    2) Click on" Privacy" when you get to the Personal Information page
    3) Select the option to hide your geo-location information in the pictures, by unchecking the box for "Show where this picture was taken" under "Content Privacy".
    4) Make sure your content is private by clicking "Make all Private" at the very bottom of the Personal Information page.
    5) Save your settings.
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