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Hey, it is free after all!

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  • Hey, it is free after all!

    makes me laugh. Reminds me of what Joomla does
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    Dilbert is my favorite cartoon. I love it.
    Hoss, BTW, Who is Joomia? And what does she do to make you laugh? :rolf:


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      Joomla is a thing LOL it is an open source forum software. Programmers from around the world create components to add on and make a forum great. Trouble is after the site grows to a certain size you get growing pains and you need an up grade. Well it is not that simple. If we just upgrade the text and not the images it is like throwing a monkey wrench into the works. It is something we have been dealing with here since 2014. Every single thing we have on ur forum is controlled by a componenet of Joomla or Kunena. For instance there is a component that just handles our avatars. , one for the text box we write into, one for our profiles, one for private messages. One for the chat, one for all of the articles, maybe 20 or 30 different components. If you upgrade one and it does not work well with the others it can really get messy.
      In a week or two we will be getting a new platform. Vbullitin5 it should improve the site ten fold. It is all wrapped into one package so it will make configuration easier  moving ahead. Especially when it comes to updates. They will be coming from one vendor rather than a dozen open source sites from around the globe.
      I must say  it will not be perfect from day one but it will set a better course for the future of forums.
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        Thanks for making that announcement Hoss. Guys and Gals, the last year here has been pretty rough. Recent upgrades have really sucked (can I say that?) and the Administrators (Hoss, Roger, Chase and Andrew)  have worked very hard to keep things together. I know Hoss has about finished pulling his hair out (should I say That?) so help us out here and be patient with the changes,. I have seen most of them and it really looks good!
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