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Another guy selling fakes on eBay...

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  • Another guy selling fakes on eBay...

    Shouldn't this be illegal?? Click image for larger version

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    At the very least you would think there would be a way to weed them out. But does Ebay dare? No, money made over ethics.
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      If you go to pre-1600 artifacts, and search “Clovis”, you will find dozens and dozens of finally made fakes. Most guaranteed via a certain very popular authenticator’s paper. By popular, I mean very popular among those who like to sell fakes.
      I believe eBay will work with the buyer in getting one’s money back. I think that’s the case even when the seller indicates “no returns”. That puts the burden on the seller to know how to detect fakes, however. Burden is not on seller. He gets to sell fakes with laughing stock COA’s.
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        Just look away is best, might ruffle some Feathers.


        • Pickwick
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          That's what's wrong with society today. Doesn't it 'ruffle your feathesr' that there are people out there knowingly flooding the artifact world with fake pieces? Not to mention defrauding their costumers and most likely breaking the law(the leastof my concerns, but still...)
          They put a stain artifact dealers as a whole and make impossible to be certain any artifact you buy is legit. So we should just 'look the other way so we don't ruffle feathers? They don't care about ruffling
          my feathers, why should I care about theirs? I'm having trouble finding an ounce of sense made in that statement, leading me to believe you are being sarcastic... if that is the care(and I kinda hope it is) sorry..

        • JoshinMO
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          If that's Your Thing by all means, was just looking out for You.

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        Stay away from eBay artifacts. However if you know your stuff you can occasionally make a good buy. A must is a money back guarantee. K
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          Jeff Baker, Bannerstone Tom, & Insight are 3 of the COA's being used heavily on ebay to sell fakes. All BS and I don't give a rat's a$$ about calling them out. They are ruining our hobby.


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            Ebay is a game-

            Sellers who follow their rules can contest any negative feedback and usually get it removed. So as long as they ship fast & honor a return period they can maintain 100% positive feedback.
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              What's next Amazon?
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