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  • Bracket 7 Heart Breaker Contest

    Another one made out of same material..Missing tip..only two I have out of this material makes me wonder if its not so good. :crazy:

    I Have Never Met A Rock I Didn\'t Like

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    I got lots of heartbreakers...This one is a Beacon Island I beleive. Like all heartbreakers sure would love to have this one whole.

    I Have Never Met A Rock I Didn\'t Like


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      Here's one of my first finds. It was stuck in a sandbar with just the base poking out. When I went to pull it out I thought it was complete because of how solid it was.
      Got all excited -and- started oh yeaing!!!! Made every one come look only to be heartbroken when it finally came free. It would have been one of my largest points if it were complete!

      Click image for larger version

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        man, been looking at all these posts and it's kinda like a funeral.  Happy to share sumpn good but sad at the same time. I definately have more heart breakers than smokers for sure, figured I share another.  Bitter sweet.

        this second pic is not mine and is not apart of the competion. I just thought I would throw it in for a few extra tears and sniffles. My good friend found this last year, I must warn you. Don't look if you are depressed!