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New genetic study says Haplogroup X2a does not support link between Clovis/Pre-Clovis and Solutrean

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  • New genetic study says Haplogroup X2a does not support link between Clovis/Pre-Clovis and Solutrean

    The author's twitter account says she will make the paper open access, so keep checking back. Until then, here is a blog post about the paper, and a way to download it:

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    Spacejesse: Looks like you are new to the forum. Welcome aboard. I checked out the links you posted. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I read what seemed to be available but did not read the complete article. It seems that the title of the paper says that it is a reevaluation and not a "new study" as you say in the title to this thread. Having read only the first page of the paper, I did not read the conclusions. In scientific journals that contain peer reviewed studies it is/was common practice to have an abstract/synopsis as a lead where one could quickly review the conclusions. This is not the case for most magazines where varying degrees of peer or editorial review may be practiced. And this is not to say that the authors are not qualified or are not distinguished in the field of anthropology. It is not uncommon for scientists to publish in both technical or scientific journals as well as in publications not aimed specifically at scientists but more to the lay public that may have an avocational interest in a particular field. Not being familiar with the magazine, PaleoAmerica, I can not comment on it specifically. But I know that it is common practice for magazines whether print or digital to publish articles that have leads or "come-ons" to encourage people to buy it to see more. Nothing wrong with that at all. I guess what I am getting to in a long, roundabout way is: Did you read the whole article and is the title of your thread the conclusion made by the authors in their review of genetic studies done to date and in their opinion do not support a hypothesis of peoples of Solutrean culture/origin contacting and breeding with previously established Native Americans?