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Did they arrive by boat?

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  • Did they arrive by boat?

    Interesting read on the possibility man spread through these continents via boat first.

    Click image for larger version

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    Good article. Given the location of sites and dates, I think the so-called kelp highway hypothesis makes more sense then the old ice free corridor paradigm by now. It's looking good, if you ask me. The aborigines reached Australia by boat by 50,000 years ago, so man and sea worthy vessels have been a team for a long time.


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      Traveling by boat was faster & they could carry more gear & foodstuffs to sustain an exploratory expedition. Travel across ice was arduous. Travel by water & they had an exit/escape route.
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        This was a good article, read it last night. I liked the captions you included Greg... Can you imagine the stories those early seafarers told 15,000 years ago?! I wonder what they felt like when they discovered this new world? Thanks for sharing Greg!
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          It certainly is interesting


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            Hey Greg, Thanks for the link. Interesting article and how much coastal evidence is under water today.
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              I read something years back about a crew taking core samples or maybe dredging somewhere off the coast of southern Alaska, in something like 60-100 feet of water, and they pulled a worked piece of stone up. I may have to take up scuba to find me some good sites. :-)

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            I love all this rewriting of "facts" we've been taught since childhood. It's likely that we will never know how or when people came here(by here I mean the Americas), or even if they might not have originated here also. I've seen and read a lot of "what if" and "how did this get here" type things over the years, and I'm always intrigued when I see new discoveries and theories. I've seen one show that suggested and all but proved the Egyptians visited Australia.
            they also likely visited South America, because I read somewhere they found residual tobacco and chocolate(I think it was chocolate?) in some Egyptian mummies.

            whn I was a student, it was all but outright heresy to suggest anything other than the veering seas ice bridge crossing was THE beginning. I love a good conspiracy.

            I'm going back in my bunker and putting my tinfoil hat back on. I think they are tracking my location now...


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              Hey Jethro - you got one of them tinfoil hats too. And all this time I thought I was the only one