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Danger Cave: Nothing left to steal...

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  • Danger Cave: Nothing left to steal...
    Professor Shellman

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    Man...What is left to say Tom ?


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      That's sad to hear. It just damages the image of the ethical hunter/collector even though there were no or very few artifacts stolen the intent was there. Hopefully they apprehend the trash that did that.
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        This is so sad. The culprit will never be able to show these off. They might get away with selling them but sooner or later they will turn up and the bad people will get their just desserts
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          That was planned. Someone knew it was Utah Archaeology month. It's dirt bags like that, that cause everybody to look at collectors, and honest relic hunters, and arrowhead hunters with dissatisfaction. And you are right Matt, what would they do with them? They can't show anyone, if they sell them, the trails lead back to them, so basically they are stuck. We can only hope that they try and sell to an honest buyer, and the buyer notify's authorities.
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            SICKENING! Ignorance is an epidemic among thieves.


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              Here is more info about Danger Cave, Utah:



              From the article Tom posted, it seems only a very few artifacts were left on display in Danger Cave:

              "Parsons-Bernstein said if the thieves thought they were stealing a treasure trove of artifacts, they're mistaken.

              "There is nothing left to farm in this cave for pot hunters," she said, adding that it was fully excavated 80 years ago and the items are safely on exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah."

              This article also indicates there was not much in the cave left to steal:


              "The couple of artifacts that were inside for tours are from indigenous inhabitants who lived there when the waters of Lake Bonneville first receded to expose the space. They’re kept in a small box and include a piece of leather with stitching, projectile points and “a piece of plant matter that humans chewed to keep their mouths moist.”

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