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LiDAR: uncovering the world of the Maya

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  • LiDAR: uncovering the world of the Maya

    In two days, it can do what takes us twenty years to do.

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    Research Article
    Ancient lowland Maya complexity as revealed by airborne laser scanning of northern Guatemala

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    Amazing technology. They were everywhere. The Romans and Egyptians had nothing on them.
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      It's pretty amazing technology. Tikal has been explored and excavated for more than 100 years, seriously for the last 70 years, and LiDAR scans have found stuff hiding right in the touristy area of the site. In some cases the very largest features are only 10 feet high but cover such a large area that it's hard to appreciate them for the perfect rectangle they are. In other cases they found some surprisingly tall pyramids that were just never noticed before because someone 50 years ago wrote "empty zone" on a map.
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        Always amazed by how much we don’t know.


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          Lidar has also been used to explore the canals & mounds of SW Florida's Calusa Kingdom

          The wondrous engineering feat of the Calusa Indians

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            Hey Dan, Thanks for the links. It's amazing how many impact craters have been discovered using lidar too.
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              Tikal is amazing. I used to work in Guatemala City. Well, I travelled there to work for many years. It's so different from the Mayan ruins I visited in Mexico. That was in the early 2000's and they were making new discoveries everyday. I also remember how dangerous the area was or at least felt dangerous to me. Dangerous but amazing.
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                Guatemala is awesome, I used to spend a lot of time there. Depending on how long ago it is/was quite dangerous in many areas.

                Flores & the Peten region are so very different than Guatemala City.
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              I love watching them use LIDAR to find things they’ve literally been standing on for years.

              thanks for sharing.👍👍
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