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  • Future of Surface Collecting & Technology

    Lots of new innovations around: will the old way of collecting that simply requires a walking stick and shoes still remain good enough, or will the newest generation of collectors find them 'archaic'? Can the competative edge for premo sites and artifacts be gained/driven by the use of these new technolgies? The times are changing rapidly, and I wouldn't rule some of these gadgets out for use by the general collecting community in our ever-changing, very near future. Just some things to think about
    This lightweight device could let you easily get across a river or to that next gravel bar
    Don't want to leave footprints to your best spot, or step on the man's crops?
    How a'bout sending a bag of these guys out with GPS coordinates to get that heavy metate back home
    Or maybe just stay home and read while doing a little recon work
    Unleash an army of these - programed with point types you'd like
    Or just have some music with that Guinness..
    I'm sure that by the time I'm done typing this improvements will've been made, and as things become more common, prices will drop: putting these in the hands (and hunts) of everyday people. Why let the military have all the fun?
    They say the only thing that's permanant is change, and I think we're really getting ready to turn another page..
    If the women don\'t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

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    Wow .....
    That gives me brain damage just watching it lmao !!!!
    I think I will stick to my digging tool and my two feet ...
    Thanks for posting these, I enjoyed  watching
    As for me and my house , we will serve the lord

    Everett Williams ,
    NW Arkansas