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  • Coprolite?

    Catron County New Mexico. Weighs about 8 oz. 1" thickness, about 6 linear inches. Thoughts?

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    That's a new one for me CJ. I cant say if it is or not. I can also say that in my time here I haven't seen one posted. If in fact it is what you think it is that makes it a very interesting artifact...even if it turns out to be no more that a piece of...well you know what I
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      Not sure CJ, could be.... I looking for you to post some nice artifacts, I know it’s to hot out there to look in the summer.. It’s prime time hunting where your at...Are you just looking washes ? Find a high spot above a wash,especially where it makes a turn.. I know it’s fairly flat but if you find a observation point, the arrow points should be there.. Also there should be points in the pottery sherds you were walking in......JJ


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        Great advice. Sincerely appreciated. I find of lot of things that look like someone was trying to make an arrowhead, or maybe they're broken? Just posted some definite artifacts and some 'contenders' in 'Lithic'.

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      I do believe it is.
      Not the same stuff we find around here.
      Your specimen weathered well.
      The texture is caused by exposure and demineralization.
      Given time it would have dissolved away.
      It is a "Rock" when it's on the ground.
      It is a "Specimen" when picked up and taken home.

      ​Jessy B.


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        I don't know crap about crap but from what I have seen it looks like it could be badly weathered crock poo ?