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Can someone help me out with this?

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  • Can someone help me out with this?

    I was given this and not to sure if this is old or just made to look old. I think this is some sort of arrowhead or spearhead. Dose anyone know what this called and if so is it real or what year it was made in? Click image for larger version

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    Welcome to the site Mr.G. It is a nice piece. I'll leave the ID to the others. Kim
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      Kinda looks like a piece made to resemble arrows from the Congo region of Africa. Most likely a tourist bring back. I’m no expert and I may be all wrong.
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        Welcome to

        I would say that it's hand forged, likely no older than the 1930s and probably from the Sudan in Africa. 'Tourist souvenir' is probably not the correct term, in that the majority of spear tips like this were made to satisfy the collector market for Africana rather than for tourists as such, although they were commonly sold at markets frequented by tourists. Traditionally made, but never intended to be used by tribespeople.

        PS: This is hardly a "site find or in-situ", so I have moved your thread to a more appropriate area of the forum (International Artefacts) and left a 're-direct' where you originally posted. The re-direct will expire in 2 weeks and the thread will only be visible in its new location.
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            My husband does metal work for a hobby and this defiantly pre dates plasma cutters and you don’t see one welding spots to be more visual for you.
            Painshill is is correct to presume it’s origin and make .
            I traveled in East Africa and it was very common in the 60’s and 70’s to have particular huts / rooms were local people hand made their wares or talents they could bring to the table . You saw everything from carved ivory , lions claws pounded in metal to wear along with anything organic that could be made into a basket / purse , picture you name it .
            The list goes on from them chasing you down with elephant hair bracelets . Give you an idea how they traded . Sudan being a little tougher area North of where I was on a trek to see animals and yes the culture .
            But that weapon you have would have been a hand made piece as stated by painshill .
            That date is out of my knowledge and leave it to our global expert .