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    Hello Mark welcome to the site and thanks for the additional information. As you can see by what was posted above little has been found or known about the painted skulls. If you have pictures to share that would be great. Nobody in the family knows what happened to the skull. Type in painted buffalo skulls anyway you think for a search and all you get is modern pieces showing on pinterest. If it was still around I would definitely get some pics!
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      I have to let you gentlemen know this is by far one of the most interesting and eye opening threads I have read in this Category.. wow all the pictures and scripts is going to make me start an entire new research project of my own .
      Thank you all for sharing .


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        When the late 19th c photographer Edward Curtis went west to document the remnants of the plains tribes in photographs, he took photos of the inside of his field tent where he lived & worked. One photo showed a painted bison skull Curtis called a Thunderbird Skull. In the sacred Black Hills the Lakota celebrated the return of spring with a ceremony honoring the Return of the Thinder Beings. Rain, lightning & thunder brought the renewal of life-- grass, migrating birds & animals, plants & flowers. But like any powerful Being, they could release destruction too. These painted skulls honored them.
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          Got this post card the other day in town there is a picture of a Tipi which I think has a Buffalo skull hanging over the door flap. On the back it says "Painted Lodges Piegan Painted Teepees often depicted incedents in warriors life, but may also be symbolic and controversial tribal designs." It is an Edward Curtis Photo from 1900. Click image for larger version

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