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  • Clay Pieces

    Hi, all. I would appreciate some help in identifying these pieces. I found them in a stream off of a plowed field that I was artifact hunting in Hartford Co., Connecticut. Most appear to be made of clay. I'm thinking they're probably not indigenous in origin, but was hoping someone on the forum could provide input nonetheless. Many thanks for the help!

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    Concretions. Mother earth is a fantastic artist. https://hilltownfamilies.wordpress.c...3/21/sanslone/
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      Thanks, Hoss. My first instict was natural, but my wife was convinced they were clay, and that threw me off. As concretions are mineral cement, it would make sense that they feel clay-like. Thanks again, Hoss!

    • Hoss
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      They are very cool finds and I would have brought them home too.

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    Yeah,I would have picked those up too...and been right here asking Hoss what the heck I had found....
    those are cool.


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      Those are some of the coolest concretions I’ve seen, I’d pick those up all day long.