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A intresting stone

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  • A intresting stone

    Here is a stone with some Dendrites in it. They are thin deposits of manganese oxide that forms these patterns Click image for larger version

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    That’s pretty cool.


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      Thats really cool.

      It reminds me of the scars someone gets from being struck by lighting.

      Thats a little savage, but it really does look like it


      • flintguy
        flintguy commented
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        The term "dendrite" is used for any similar pattern. I believe those are actually called dendrite scars. There is a type of lighting that is also called dendrite lightning that streaks across the sky for miles, branching out in the same pattern, just larger.

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      I love that! Certainly is a conversation piece . That might be one of the neatest items I've seen . Is that a rare occurrence? Was wondering if you can only see that after you break thru the crust of the stone? Not sure crust is the correct word, lol .


      • willjo
        willjo commented
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        I think you got to break it to see them

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      Looks like a fern fossil but it’s natural?


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        I thought those were fossils too
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