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HELP!!! What is this I found

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  • HELP!!! What is this I found

    I NEED HELP! I found a very unusual rock that has many man made holes of varies sizes, depths all over it. I have created an album with about ten decent pics and my profile states everything I have learned about it so far and where I found it. Please take a look and tell me what you think it is or point me in the right direction. I think it appears to be a multi purpose tool.... a early Swiss Army knife so to speak? LOL

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    Hi Todd, I checked out your rock picture. It is neat, but I believe it to be a geofact. I don't think those holes are man made. It looks like a silt stone, that when it formed had larger size rocks get stuck in it. Some of the larger rocks could of eroded out of the rock and left the silt behind leaving those holes.


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      Pretty neat rock. Geofact, at best. I think your find is a naturally occuring feature, whether it be mineral and/or water erosion. I would lean towards the opinion given by your geologist friend and find it possible that it could come down from the Rockies. That is not to say, that an indian didnt see the potential utility with the stone and used it. Can't hold it, can't really tell ya. But, Im goin with the geologist on this on. Hope we can help you. -Central, Ks.-Ken