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Petroglyph boulder on my property

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    Perhaps I myself was too harsh in my reply to you.

    You wrote: , " it definitely has the appearance of abstract glyphs" "appear to be intentionally man-made" "abstract style aligns more with Native American styles than European influenced styles" When they visited the remarked that the carvings looked to be stone pecked not made with modern tools These are comments from people that have PERSONALLY visited the artifact...."

    You see, this was precisely why I was willing to presume the person or people who visited your site very likely had the type of experience I would hope to see in order to render an educated judgement. But, because neither I nor anyone else here knows Nikki Schwends, or their background and experience with petroglyphs, I could only say "if" they had the relevant experience with such things, accept their judgement and be a caretaker for the rock and site. It sounded to me, from my own experience, that they were making judgements based on experience. They were looking for what I would have looked for. That's why I said I could see the triangle design, and it did not look natural, it looked pecked.

    Good luck in any further research you undertake with your rock and it's markings. I do agree with Hoss that it does not resemble granite, at least in the photos. It would also be very unusual, I believe, to find any petroglyphs on granite. In much of the Great Basin, for instance, many are found on basalt. Here in the Northeast, sandstone was the usual outcrop of choice.
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      In your first picture, the yellow upside down V, marks a couple of lines. The left line going up and to the right appears like a “groove “, but the line going down and to the right, the right side of the V, appears raised. Is it raised, or is that just how it looks in the picture?

      The line over the red horizontal line looks raised as well?
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      • Tiace11882
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        Sorry I am an amateur at all of this, all of the lines pictured are grooved not raised. The area I live in is predominantly granite there are no basalt type rocks within 75 miles of hear down near the Snake River. The odd part, as noted by Nikki is that this boulder seems to be slightly different than most of the other boulders on the property in that it is not decomposing like the rest, most of the boulders around here have tons of small granite around the bases and you can see the decomposition, this one does not it is smooth and hardened?!?

        Another part I left out is the local geography. The boulder is on a hill right next to the Middle Fork of the Payette River 50 yards or so above the flood plain, and within 1 mile of its confluence of the South Fork. The area it is in has a direct view of the end of the valley, Garden Valley, I have observed the solstice sunsets and when standing facing the rock there are three mountains right behind it, the large arrow lines up with winter solstice and the peak to the left, the smaller arrow lines up with the peak in the middle on the spring and fall equinox and the dot aligns with the peak to the right on the summer solstice. Garden Valley is also a designated critical winter wildlife area, Large herds of elk over winter right hear. there are also four Hot Spring complexes within three miles of this site, and five more within eight miles.

        This area has been inhabited by the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe's Mountain Sheep-eaters predating settlement and was subsequently settled starting in 1862 by farmers supporting the gold mining in the area.

        I hope this helps and doesn't con volute the situation.

        I do not mean to sound short with any one but everyone who has looked at the pictures with skepticism who have personally seen the rock have all came to the same conclusion, that is Native in origin and I guess I am a little bit defensive when people dispute what is noted by actual observations but rather based on my poor photographic skills. Is there an expert on photographing petroglyphs that any one know about that could be directed this way.

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      Originally posted by Tiace11882 View Post
      I recently purchased a piece of property that I found a boulder with multiple carvings on it, I reached out to a local area expert in the field of Native petroglyphs, Nikki Schwend. Nikki is Canyon County Parks Cultural Director, Canyon County Parks is the agency that oversees Celebration Park, Celebration Park is the home of the biggest petroglyph site in Idaho.In Nikki's opinion the petroglyphs on the boulder are Native in origin and predate settlement.

      I am reaching out to this forum in hopes of finding out more information on its documentation and for further thoughts on its origin. Please take a look at the pictures I have taken but keep in mind that I am not a professional photographer.
      Click image for larger version

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        So in re reading this post a summary of responses are.
        I don't see anything.
        Is the expert really an expert?
        Why do you want more opinions?
        I have been called a complainer!
        And that even though the marking are not petroglyphs they are equipment marks , if you can't identify them then you can;t identify them period.

        Pardon me for being defensive when all I was trying to do was look for MORE information and all this forum seems to have to offer is people trying to discredit this find rather than provide actual information. please save the BS for Facebook.

        I am sorry and apologize too the couple of people who actually tried to help this is not directed at you!

        Please deactivate my account as there are to many (Bleep!)on this forum,
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        • OnewiththewilD
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          Good luck with your rock

        • Hoss
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          Wow. I guess you told us huh?

        • SDhunter
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          Pretty poor attitude. There were plenty of people here trying to help you and get to the bottom of your question. Questions have to be asked. Too bad you didn’t like the questions.

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        I wonder why this post was moved to "rocks mistaken as artifacts"? Granted, a petroglyph is not a fashioned artifact, or a utilized rock, but the people who examined his rock gave every indication, from their observations, that they knew exactly the questions to ask, and they concluded it was a petroglyph boulder. It sure sounded to me, having over 30 years experience recording glyphs, that the people who examined the rock had the experience needed to confirm or reject the rock. They confirmed it, so I am not sure why this thread was moved to a "mistaken" category. It seems to render the conclusion that the people who examined the rock were mistaken. Not sure how we know this to be the case. I don't agree with the defensive response by the OP, I don't believe it was justified, it was too thin skinned.
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          I stayed out of this till now. I thought the presentation here was bogus as well as the claim that a respected professional essentially certified it. Did that person actually look at it or was the story made up to reinforce the posters position? Is this rock written up somewhere verifiable? If not,we'll never know. Again here we are asked to make a determination based on poor quality 2 dimensional photos.
          Nearly everything about that rock either looks natural or due to handling by heavy machinery, the rest is indistinguishable. Based on lack of actual proof I think this is the best place for this post.
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          • south fork
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            I have looked up close and personal at hundreds of petroglyphs and thousands of photos and I'm just not seeing anything but rock on that boulder . But I'm not paid to see anything I'm not an expert .

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          Sorry, I took the liberty of moving it here, for the same reasons Greg stated, plus the fact that she used a curse word to refer to us, which I edited out too btw. I don’t mind if someone moves this again to a different category, I’m done with this thread,lol.
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            I noticed the “bleep”. Probably should be banned if she felt the need to curse everyone. She wanted to be removed anyway
            My name is Gary. I live in NE South Dakota


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              Oops. I see she is banned. Never mind. 🤫
              My name is Gary. I live in NE South Dakota


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                I banned this person for the comments in the last post made by who ever it was.
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                  I could only use the photos present to see the V design. My conclusion, and the advise I offered the now banned OP, was based on the fact that the people he had visit the site asked the type of questions and made the type of observations that I have come to expect will be asked and made by people who have experience examining Native American petroglyphs. I have decades of such experience myself, and so I recognized experienced observations. Therefore, as a reaction to what I knew to be the correct questions and observations, I extended the benefit of doubt to those observers, and was willing to grant the rock included petroglyphs. The OP's photos themselves were essentially inadequate to use to make those same certain conclusions.

                  Also unclear to me is why the OP had such problems with the answers offered, that he continued to display such misplaced anger. I have no idea what he expected of us.
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                    Probably had a no from the expert and was hoping for a yes on here. They didn’t get the answer they wanted so decided to be rude. That’s my guess


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                      Well it got interesting . I stayed out .


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                        I am curious about the top of the rock. From one of the pics it looks like it might have been worn down. Convex shape. I think this is the area with the straight line running through it. If this was used as a grinding bowl or nutting stone it would add validity to the idea that the stone might have petroglyphs on it as well. BTW- I do not have a degree to back my impression. LOL