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Two Neat Artifact Finds from Upstate SC

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  • Two Neat Artifact Finds from Upstate SC

    Ok I need some help with both of these finds. I am sure someone can shed some light on the first one and the second one I will take a stab at and please anyone correct me if I am wrong. It seems to be a very dense, chunk of clay that has been burned or charred on the upper portion. Maybe it came from an old hearth? Maybe not.... But I do know that I found it in an area of highly concentrated artifacts. The site has produced several hardstone tools, hundreds of projectile points,and hundreds of pottery sherds. Please take a look and help me out! Thanks!

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    We might be able to help if we could see them pictures. Too blurry for an ID on them there pieces.
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      I agree with Hoss. Tough call from your pics. From what I can see of the first one it appears to be natural.
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