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pic of the one thought to be a flake

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  • pic of the one thought to be a flake

    hopefully better pics it is knapped on edge

    Moderator note: Pictures deleted by original poster

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    I dont see any knapping on edge. Pick up knapping sometime, it will give you a good eye to spot worked pieces. Reflective stone for sure though!


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      It's really not that uncommon to see flakes worked. I like to call them flake scrapers and I have found a bunch.I can almost make out flaking on this piece but hard to tell. Could have been a flake sheered by plow.


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        James, it could be a flake but not a worked one. It could also be the result of a plow strike as eagle eye said or it could be the result of freeze fracturing. If you found other flakes in the area, odds are it is the result of core reduction. Although this is much better than average flaking, here is an example of what to look for.

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