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  • Expanded New England Typology Guide

    Just want to draw folk's attention to the soon to be available(by Xmas 2017) revised and expanded edition of the late Jeff Boudreau's "A New England Typology of Native American Projectile Points". This will be the Bible for the typology of the New England states, and if you're a collector from the Northeastern United States, it will be of immense value to you as well.

    176 pages. Notebook size and spiral bound at 8 1/2" x 11". High resolution photos of some 1200 points. All points are shown life size. Several essays dealing with typology in the region, such as an essay on the Narrow Point Tradition, its several forms, and a comparison of New England narrow point forms, and such types elsewhere in the East. A great section illustrating the various lithic types common to the region. A section on blade attrition, showing how the form or morphology of points changes as the result of resharpening. This is useful, as we all know resharpening can make typing points difficult at times. I know I have long found typing points a challenge, something that just is seldom as "easy" as one might think or hope.

    I don't know how one can beat $80 when one considers the cost of producing 176 pages of high resolution color photos. You really can't and I would easily pay twice that for this awesome guide. Take it from me, I have been lucky enough to own an editor's proof edition of this book for awhile now. I've hardly used it! Why, you ask? Because I never wanted it to start to look like a soiled well used book. I have already ordered a second copy so I can also own a well used copy! I loved it so much from day one that I always wanted it to look brand new, lol. I just never knew if there would ever be more then a handful of editor proof copies in existence. I love good typology guides, and as a regional guide, this magnum opus by Jeff Boudreau, this testament to his expertise in the field, simply cannot be beat. I am very excited that I will no longer have to count myself as one of a mere handful of serious collectors with access to Jeff's knowledge.

    Here is a page where you can order this wonderful guide:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_8922.JPG Views:	1 Size:	155.9 KB ID:	271906

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_8923.JPG Views:	1 Size:	127.6 KB ID:	271907

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    Just a tease on the relevant info other then simply a listing of point types.....

    Click image for larger version

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      Seems to be a really comprehensive typology guide for New England. Looking at the feature section, they didn't leave much to question. I like the idea of including a regional lithics section because that appears to be the majority of collectors weakness, especially mine. Thanks for the info Charlie.
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        Hey Charlie, Thanks for the info and link. I just ordered one. I'm sure I will enjoy this one..
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          That's great, Ron. I'm sure you will love it. For what it offers, in high res photos alone, they have made it very affordable, IMHO.

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        BTW, at least 3 members of our forum community, myself, JMatt, and Cgode, have personal finds included in this guide. Each of us had examples included in Boudreau's sample size for the section on Hardaway Side Notch. We all miss Jeff's guidance. He was a wonderful mentor who appreciated and encouraged the participation of avocational archaeologists and responsible collectors in understanding the prehistoric past of the Northeast.


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          Great job & a great explanation of the Typology book Charlie. I was so excited when I saw the news that I had to just blurt it out, never taking the time to take any pics. The NE members here who do buy this book are in for a real treat.


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            Originally posted by clambellies View Post
            Great job & a great explanation of the Typology book Charlie. I was so excited when I saw the news that I had to just blurt it out, never taking the time to take any pics. The NE members here who do buy this book are in for a real treat.
            Alan. I want to thank you for alerting me! When I saw your advice to be patient and "pretty soon" when Mark(METACOM) said he wished the book was available, I said "wow", asked Bill, he sent me the MAS page and I flipped out! Lol. So thank you. I'm most excited for friends who had all hoped to see it happen, and it's as you say, a real treat for anybody who buys a copy. I don't think Chris Gode, our moderator from Ct. knows yet, I'm sure he'll be happy to hear the news. It will be a major resource for the Northeast in general, and the only acceptable outcome for Jeff Boudreau's life work!


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              cant wait to get a copy,, i have the first one thanks to Alan

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            I never had the chance to meet Jeff Boudreau, he seemed to be really accomplished in all that he undertook. Your correct that the only acceptable outcome for Jeff Boudreau's life work was for this book to be published. His lifelong search for the answers and his photographic skills all come together in this book. So unfortunate that he passed away suddenly before it's completion.

            The NE avocational arch community owes a large Thank You to Bill Moody, who undertook putting together and editing this Typology guide. He spend a huge amount of time & effort working on it, when there wasn't even a guarantee of it ever being published.
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