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Looks like an "Axe" maybe

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  • Looks like an "Axe" maybe

    Shopping around in the wilderness in West Feliciana, Louisiana and I happen to run across some interesting items with this one being the most interesting.

    Looked on the internet and cannot find anything like it other than an axe.

    Actually did get one opinion from someone who has alledegedly been collecting for years. Said thats what 100 million years and traveling through the streams and rivers will do. I'm sure that it's not impossible, but my little brain refuses to accept that answer.

    Can I get some opinion please. Thank You
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    I’m not sure what the rock type is, but it’s a rock, not an artifact.
    Rhode Island


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      Switch your brain into extra low speed and push the think button....


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        Southeastern Minnesota’s driftless area


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          I agree with the first guy that gave his opinion. The millions of years theory. Just a rock. Sorry
          South Dakota


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            Well I have to say this.... It's been one hell-of-a exciting experience so far.... I've got a piece of petrified wood that I thought was a handle to a blade of some sort and a rock that looks like an "Axe from Outer Space".
            I'm gonna make me a "Petrified Handle Deer Skinning Kn ife" with the wood and put the "SpaceAxe Rock" on a string in the corner of the room for my viewing pleasure.


            • Cecilia
              Cecilia commented
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              You have requisite sense of humor!.....and a coupla great lookin’ rocks!

            • Muuleey
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              I try....

            • Hal Gorges
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              Hey Sis, Why you make me go visit Webster just when I was gonna have a snooze.....Well Muulee,I guess you took my advice, didn’t see that one commin, Lol.

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            Western Kentucky


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              Rock, sorry.
              SE IA