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  • Adding a link

    Anybody adding a link with a iPhone 11..?..
    if so, could you explain how it’s done?.....✌️
    Southeastern Minnesota’s driftless area

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    I wish I could help you Up-north but I can’t even help myself lately lol I mean you want to talk about frustration I have successfully added links using this dinosaur iPhone 8 several months in a row and now for whatever reason I can’t figure out how to do it if my life depended on it 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬
    Warren County New Jersey


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      I don't use Apple devices (hate them) but the wife does.

      She says you simply navigate to the webpage you want to share and hold your finger on the url address displayed in the browser bar at the top. A set of options comes up which includes "Copy". Tap on it. Then tap the whitespace of your post and select 'Paste' to insert the link.
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      • Up-north
        Up-north commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks for the help, Painshill...
        My desktop and iPhone shows different versions.
        After 9mos. I finally figured it out...
        Now I hope it works on my second attempt..
        Thanks again...✌️