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    Otter Creek points are the first in the series of Late Archaic Laurentian Tradition points as described by Wm. Ritchie. This Late Archaic series includes these types: Otter Creek-Brewerton Side-Notched-Brewerton Eared-Notched-Brewerton Eared-Triangle-Brewerton Corner-Notched-Vosburg-Normanskill.
    Otter Creek display lanceolate or ovoid blades. They are side-notched points and the notching produces tangs that are often square shaped. The base and tangs will be ground and the base often exceeds the width of the blade. Bases can be straight or concave.
    Here is the description from Ritchie's NY typology:
    The description from the Maryland typology guide:
    These first two examples are from coastal sites in Rhode Island. From left to right, quartzite and Normanskill Chert:

    Here is a classic 2 3/4" example made from Attleboro Red Felsite and found by Jay Langlais on Narragansett Bay, RI. Compare this example with example 1 at this link, from Ritchie's typology:

    4 1/2" sugar quartz Otter Creek found in eastern Ma.:

    Brown slate, an unusual material for an Otter Creek point:
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    Rhode Island

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    An in-situ of a very nice Otter Creek from Rhode island. Photos by member Jay Langlais(Onewiththewild). This classic example was found by Jay's hunting partner, Rod "Doc" Minor on 12-23-14. They come bigger, naturally, but you'd still be hard pressed to find a nicer example of the type.

    Rhode Island


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      Another nicely made Otter Creek, found in central RI, in December, 2015......
      Rhode Island