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  • Digging

    I have read a lot of sites where people dig and find artifacts.. But i never to find anything when i dig.Is there a certain depth, place or anything that i need to do? I have 500 acres in texas and have only found points surface hunting. Please can anyone give me some pointers? I have even siffted thru one of the creeks that runs thru after a good flood and found only a huge tooth... Help?

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    Whoa nice spread..I have a hundred acres here in east Texas...any big creeks on the land?


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      Um yeah but most of the year they are dry. But when a big rain comes thru they fill up and when the weather is not so hot they tend to hold water a little longer. Ive never found anything in the creeks though, which confuses me. In one area we always find lots of fish, bird points just before the creek in the road but never in the creek itself... Any ideas why that is? We have at least three spots where we find lots of evidence and sometimes full points but mostly just chips and breaks. Do you think in those areas where we find all this could have been a camp at one time? and if so how do i find the proof of that? And where abouts is your land? We are in Stephens count just on the border of eastland county.....


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        Josh I am not from your area but in Ohio I look for a stream or river and then find the closest highest point to that body of water, that is normally where they would have placed their camp. Whether the crick or stream is dry or not does not matter, you might have a better chance of being more productive trying that method. Digging is hard work period but it is exciting when you start finding stuff.
          I have also watched vids on youtube of folks in TX digging in the side of banks and having some success. Good luck, and hope this helps a bit. Happy Thanksgiving Bill