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  • Arrowhead Vacation

    Me and my wife have been wanting to take a arrowhead centered vacation and don't know how too plan one. We are from western NC and was thinking about Arkansas because we want to visit the Ozarks. We also thought Texas would be a cool place to see and also the Ohio river area. Looking for a place with a high concentration of artifacts of course but also a place with friendly people. We are also interested in fossel hunting as well. We just want a little adventure is all. Any ideas on how to start or input would be awesome thanks!

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    Lots of fossil hunting around the Dayton area of Ohio. I just got back from there and you can find em on any creek near Dayton. I think the East side of the state near the Ohio River is pretty good hunting ground for NA artifacts, not sure however where you might go for access to the river. That seemed to be an issue when I was there. Maybe someone in the area will chime in. Good luck to ya


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      Old post. My bad.