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Small creek in woods

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  • Small creek in woods

    I started hunting arrowheads in my field and noticed some flakes and cracked fire rock in the corner. Started piecing things together and remembered a tiny dried out creek about 100 feet into the woods. The creek is only about 75 feet long visibly and maybe 4 feet wide. Anyway I noticed a couple spots where there is almost like a sandbar with smaller rocks everywhere that seems it’s coming of the embankment. I could be wrong but there seems to be a lot of fire cracked rock in the mix. I looked on the surface pretty thoroughly and didn’t find anything but maybe some tiny flakes/chips. Is it common to dig those sandbars? I’m guessing the natives had a small fire on the edge of the creek and with time and water, slowly washed in the creek itself.

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    What is fire cracked rock?


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      Fire cracked rock is rock that is cracked and calcined by heat. It is the remnants of a fire pit. The stone will look reddish and be broken down due to the fires over over time heating and cooling the stone breaks down. Hard to show a good example of it because most collectors just leave it in the field. There are photos on line but most are in black and white. Not sure where you are at in Oklahoma but Texas is loaded with Burnt Rock Middens. You proabbly have them up your way too. Your probably gonna ask wat that is next so here is a link.
      I hope that helps you Nick
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