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  • NW New Mexico Area

    Does anyone have any suggestions at all for and surface hunting areas around Farmington, Shiprock New Mexico area?

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    Welcome to the site Pk...being from Northeast Illinois I cant help ya. I can give ya a welcome though...there are many folks from your realm that can help you out on your search...

    The chase is better than the catch...
    I'm Frank and I'm from the flatlands of N'Eastern Illinois...


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      That may be a tough area to get access to. Lotsa govmnt land round there...
      San Luis Valley, southern Colorado


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        I was thinking the rules there are quite strict but you can always read the rules online
        NW Georgia,


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          i recently zig zagged thru NM on my way to CA. i had zero luck. i spoke with several local business owners about hunting there. they all said the same thing-lots of points around, all on private property. one gas station owner pointed me down a dirt road to a dry creek bed. i drove down there and saw about 10 signs saying trespassers will be shot. i could at least one really nice point sticking out. the base was still stuck in the creek bottom. i left before i did anything stupid and kept going til i hit the Pacific. i also tried some farms that had freshley plowed fields. no luck. i also took my kayak out on a few reservoirs and trout streams. i found some very promising areas-clay river banks and bottoms, some sandy and gravely shorelines where the water had just dropped and some mud banks. (at least they would be promising in TN...) I hope you have better luck!


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            Thanks everyone! It does look like mostly Indian land and private property. I have found some nice public land with hiking trails that we have been on but that’s about it so far.


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              You’ll need to look on private land in NM.