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Highs and lows.

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  • Highs and lows.

    Yesterday it was a combination of both throughout the day. I had planed on another 5hr hunt in the Gorge.
    And one of the objects when I set out was to find a clay pot that I had seen sticking up out of the mud while I was walking along the walkway.
    Never one to waste time walking and not swinging the coil that's what I did on my way out to where I saw the pot.
    So started the highs and lows for the day. The highs were these.

    And the clay pot was not a clay pot. It turned out to be a copper pot.
    Not what I was expecting but you know us BC boys and our pot. :rolf: Gotta love a good pot.

    Right after pulling the pot out of the water and on my way back to the beach the bolt holding my arm cuff in place fell out and ended my water detecting for the day. :angry:

    The first thing that I did upon getting home was to contact Pete Anderson of Anderson Shafts and my replacement bolt will be on it's way on Monday. :woohoo: Thank you Pete I was not expecting such fast service and it is really appreciated.
    Second low was finding out that my transformer for reverse electrolysis has decided to stop working. :angry:
    So I start the tumbler take a quick shower and head out with the CTX :woohoo: Only to find out that the batteries are almost dead.
    Hunted for a short while and managed to at least pay for the gas. On my way home I ran into another digger. :woohoo:
    Say hello to Jon aka Shooter McGavin.

    A short chitchat and 20min of detecting before the batteries went completely dead and sent me home. :angry:
    So for the round up the clad for the day.

    The rest of the junk from the Gorge.

    The partially cleaned goodies. Another dateless Eddie quarter, 1914 LC, 1917 buffalo nickle and the silver and gold signet ring.

    The final low was to find out that the gold signet portion of the ring broke off in the tumbler and the ring is still not clean. Boy do I miss the xfmr.
    In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?