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  • Coins

    Number Two on this list is awesome....even if they didn`t have a detector! Hobo coins? I just learned something new again
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    The videos were all bogus, but the stories are real.
    I like the fact that the Wesley Carrington hoard was found with just about the cheapest detector there is.
    A Garrett Ace 150
    And boy would I love to get my hands on some hobo nickels.
    There are totally cool looking.
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      We had an exchange student here from Spain, and she was wonderful, really like another daughter to us, and her parents. became like family to us over time. After she went back, her family sent us some gifts(we sent some things home with her for them) and her father sent me some Roman coins. He is an architect in Madrid, and on one of his jobs the dirt crew discovered a cache of them, in big clay jars. There were literally thousands of them. He sent me three. I don't know much about them, except they are real old looking and very small.
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      • 2ndoldman
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        I have tried every way but the right way to find some information on those coins of yours Jason, I keep coming up blank though.

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      Holy cow those are in great condition!
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      • Jethro355
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        Two of them are silver and the third is bronze, I think.

        My eyes aren’t good enough to read the writing, and it’s all foreigner alphabet anywho.

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      Bruce, I appreciate that...I’m probably going to take them to a coin guy here in town. He’s got one of those magnifier things that makes them bigly.. They are sooo small, and my eyes are soooo bad.
      Wandering wherever I can, mostly in Eastern Arkansas, always looking down.