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Anyone ever scoop up a trade point?

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  • Anyone ever scoop up a trade point?

    If I had less hobbies than I do now I'd probably pick up metal detecting and use it in conjunction with looking for points. I was at a favorite artifact collecting spot in CT recently and I often see metal detectors near the same area as my spot. It is so cool to see them pull coins, bullets, etc. I was wondering if anyone has ever pulled a trade point while detecting? From what I read, iron, brass, copper, and even lead was used ( they really liked lead for making their turtles too!). Other than just points, anything like pendants, knives, harpoons would be pretty neat to find as well.

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    Hay AJ. I have found many trade goods in my hunts. I even just asked what forum to post them in. Pieces of Brass buckets, brass arrowheads, beads, rings. and the list goes on. All surface finds, my eyes are the detectors! Kim
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