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Two knives for trade

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  • Kentucky point
    The Georgetown knife is unavailable. It has been sold elsewhere.

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  • Kentucky point
    commented on 's reply
    He sent two of them in a box of bifaces he sent me. I hafted this one, but the other one is in my keeper case. a KILLER dacite Clovis. They are not signed, at least not that I can see. I will keep the scribes in mind.

  • sneakygroundbuzzard
    i cant believe you actually hafted Jims point.

    i would have stuck that baby in my OPP keeper case.
    do you know if he signed and dated that point?

    i would recomend you singing and dating all of your points/blades with a diamond scribe.
    its just something most all of us knappers do, 99.99% of the time you cant see it after its signed with a diamond scribe.(unless you use something like a jewelers loop)but it helps to keep them from being
    sold by unscrupulous persons as true artifacts.

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  • Kentucky point
    started a topic Two knives for trade

    Two knives for trade

    I am offering these two primitive hafted knives. Lets start off with the first one.

    It is a Georgetown flint blade, made from a flake. The handle is cedar I cut in my backyard, and is hafted with Rhode Island pine pitch, and sinew from Wisconsin. Basically, it took half the country to make this thing. Please note, that I am a beginner, and it is not as high a quality as some of the more experienced knappers work. The good news is that it is thin, and very sharp.

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    Next, is something I call a Winn Paleo blade.This blade was knapped by Jim Winn, a very good knapper, who sells and knaps very thin bifaces, Clovis points, etc. He is Paleomanjim on youtube. I hafted the Obsidian blade to a cedar handle with pine pitch. It is not wrapped with sinew, but I could wrap it is desired.

    Click image for larger version

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    In return, I will ask for either:

    Hafting supplies, i.e pine pitch, and sinew
    Knapping stone
    Supplies for knapping, primitives, etc.

    If you would like more pictures, feel free to ask.

    Thank you for looking!