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Three Mile Island - Indian artifacts or just radiation?

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  • Three Mile Island - Indian artifacts or just radiation?

    As everyone in PA knows, the banks of the Susquehanna River are filled with indian artifacts... In particular, many artifacts were found on Three Mile Island -- the site of the infamous Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station. Anyway, I make films -- usually horror shorts if I produce and shoot them myself (though I've contributed segments to some anthology films and the likes.) No, don't expect Hollywood productions. I'm taking $100 budget, haha. In any event, I put together a short film about the first reactor building entry at Three Mile Island after the accident in 1979. I'm only sharing this here because of the ties to the many indian artifacts on the island. Maybe it'll interest someone...There was much more planned but it all fell through so I put this together:
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    Thanks and well very well done. Particularly on a $100 budget.
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      Haha...yes, the whole budget went to gas and tolls on the PA turnpike.

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    Thanks for sharing this


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      I had an old black and white photo of a collector from Birdsboro, Pa. standing on 3M. Island back in the 1920s, he's holding two five gallon buckets full of artifacts he found when the island was still farmed. There are still thousands of artifacts buried on the island, but there isn't any way to get access to them. Artifacts are still occasionally found around the shoreline, but unless they lifted the restrictions, you weren't allowed to get within 100 yards of the island, even in a boat just fishing!
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