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    It's official. It is turkey season down here, and I am back to turkey mode. In my free time, I have been trying to learn more about my Civil War ancestors. I actually found out some amazing stuff!

    1. I have found another relative, Josaiah Trautman. He enlisted twice, but I don't know which regiment. The dumbbell changed names when he enlisted.

    2. I found out that my 3x great uncle Emanuel Trautman was wounded at the battle of Petersburg, and stayed at Campbell hospital in Washington D.C.

    3. His brother Elias was severely wounded in the chest at the battle of the Wilderness, and was mentioned by Capt. Shwenk of his regiment.

    4. They made an uphill Bayonet charge, and succeeded in capturing the hill, and some rebels.

    5. Another unknown Trautman was found! Martin Trautman, enlisted in the 26th PA emergency regiment, then deserted the day before the battle of Gettysburg. He reenlisted after the battle, in the 148th PA. He died of disease in 1864.

    5. I do have a relative who fought at Gettysburg! Elias Trautman, joined the 26th PA emergency regiment in June 1863. He, ran at Gettysburg. The 26th was a total disaster at Gettysburg. In fact, they were so bad, that CS Gen. Jubal Early said "Go back home to your mothers, and don't do something that stupid again". Well, he did, he enlisted in the 50th PA, and fought Early's men later in the war. His name is on the Pennsylvania monument in Gettysburg.

    Click image for larger version

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    "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." Robert E. Lee

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    Wow that's really cool KP...this info couldnt a come to a better guy knowing how much you are into civil war stuff


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      I agree with Redrocks ! As much interest and enthusiasm as you have what better to fuel you with then family members ..
      its literally a monument not just a piece of paper or info on the net .
      Great connection Ethan


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        I just found out that I have yet another relative on the Trautman side. Henry Trautman, Musician for the 172nd PA.
        "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." Robert E. Lee


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