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    Ho hum... some of you may have noticed (probably not) that I haven't started any threads in a while. It's weird, after winter I thought my go-to spots would be filled with new stuff, but I've literally found nothing the last 4 or 5 times I've gone out! Anyway, another hobby of mine is filmmaking... not Hollywood stuff, but just low budget indie stuff... usually short films. Since we collect old stuff, maybe some of you like silent films, maybe not... I recently finished a silent film and figured I'd share it. I'm calling it Nosferatu meets Haxan meets D.W. Griffith meets Famous Players Film Company meets me. If you're a silent film buff, you'll understand the style. If not, you may not! Anyway, here is a link to the YouTube video:

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    That was pretty cool! Great job!
    call me Jay, i live in R.I.


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      Yeah that’s cool . Any hobby is a good one . Your living your life !!
      Live it love it


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        After really thinking about this I think there could be a come back for silent films . Most people that are older already use the caption option on TV now because they cant hear every word or the sounds change so much .
        Then I noticed my imagination went wild . Instead of a person talking or narrating what was going on I had to think about it in my own mind .
        What was that old lady up to . No name no background !!
        I made it up .
        academy awards in silent films goes to ... yep I see it in the future . We are to high tech the old stuff holds its weight .
        Nothing like an old western for example .


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          Thanks! And Tam, your comments are interesting. I agree and disagree -- the people of today, or those kids growing up, most likely would never appreciate silent films. I mean, where are the cell phones, crazy special effects, etc. And you mean they have to read something other than Twitter? But what you also said is exactly why I appreciate silent films -- they require more of your imagination and put your mind to work!


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            I remember a book called Teeny Tiny, in which she found a bone to make soup. The bone was from a deceased person which haunted her by saying, “ Give me back my Bone !” I was very young, as my mother read it to me....I really don’t like the idea of the “ Z” generation watching this flic..Suicide is not the answer to their supposed problems ! And the occult is same.
            The film was well done with exception of square shovel for grave digging. The film was disturbing, you accomplished that with a grade of A! Storyline, for the young, grade F !


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              It's a coal shovel -- yes, not meant for digging, but it was the only old shovel I had... And what's funny is, I thought the same thing so I reviewed a bunch of old Biographs from the 1910s that had digging and some of them used a coal shovel too. If film pioneer D.W. Griffith had people digging with a coal shovel, I think I can too... haha.

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            Two thumbs up!

            That was awesome!

            Beautifully done both technically and as an homage to silent cinema.

            I loved the pace of the edit and the photography, effects and titles are terrific.

            Acting and story telling are perfect for the genre too.

            I know that must have taken a lot to put together and you should feel more than happy with how it turned out.

            I once tried to make a movie - albeit shot and edited in a weekend - and it's not easy even to make a bad one!


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              That is a freaky little short. Well done man!
              Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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                Thanks everyone!