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Khabib Vs. Conor

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  • Khabib Vs. Conor

    I don't think we have a lot of fight fans here. Is anyone as excited for this as I am?

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    Not really.... too much hype. Im old school... royce gracie, matt hughs, pedro rizzo, chuck liddell. Most of my guys are gone now, or should be. I am liking bellator a lot more than ufc these days. Really enjoy the heavyweight grand prix. I think fedor is going to kill sonnen.....i see big country is gonna fight on the card too. He will gas out, and get Ko'.d. just my thoughts....
    Judith Basin, Montana


    • Tam
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      I am so old I remember Ali

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    Man, too much hype over Conor Khabib? C'mon now, Khabib wrestled bears when he was a kid and has gone 26-0 in MMA, a record like that is very rare these days. Now I love the old timers too (I've been watching since the 90's), but todays MMA is just a different animal. There's new talent coming in that grew up practicing MMA and the skill level is higher than it ever was.

    And Conor.... when has a Conor fight not been a hell of a show, well maybe when he fought Holloway (I was at TD Garden for that one) but that was on a bad knee.

    Bellator is great and they have legitimate talent over there these days but the lower levels of the roster just aren't on the UFC's level. Scott Coker is doing a great job building that promotion though just like he did with Strikeforce.

    I'll always be a Fedor fan but todays Fedor I'm not so sure will beat Sonnen, but I'm rooting for him, I hate seeing fedor lose.


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      Alrighty then, I'll just be over here enjoying MMA, pay no mind.


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        I've been watching Fedor's brother's fights on YouTube. When is the Connor-Khabib?
        Professor Shellman
        Tampa Bay


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          Conor Khabib is Oct 6th. Two guys at the absolute top of their game with very different skill sets, it's gonna be one of biggest lightweight fights they ever put on if not the biggest.

          I'm a Fedor fan too of course. Aleksander has been doing great since he got out, built like a mack truck. I've been watching his fights too.

          I'm pretty big into MMA. I used to watch all the old stuff, Strikeforce, Pride. Now its UFC, Bellator, Invicta, PFL, CES, LFA... I watch it all. A lot of people just don't know what they're missing when it comes to MMA.

          And for the hell of it here's Khabib wrestling a baby bear at 9 years old.


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            hey Tam, I wasn't around for Ali, but I was around for Anderson "The Spider" Silva. Might not have been a cultural icon or political figure but damn, the guy could fight.