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    Nothing can compare with Ron’s beautiful trail cams . But I did have to post the one of the 3 deers . That’s my resident female Sheba with her yearlings in tow still grooming them .
    She will have her usual twins in June and keep those yearlings with here .Safety in numbers with that bob cat . Need to thin out the Coyote pack . I put a stand back there for target . She actually has a herd with her sister now .

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    Wow that's wonderful!
    Professor Shellman


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      Really nice place, just think you could be there also


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        Cool pics Tam...looks nice there


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          Nice pictures! That yote needs to go.
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            I love the "Tam Cam"
            Michigan Yooper
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              Nice pics Tam!


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                Aaaahhh ....She is a good girl to throw twins every year ! I’m worried about all the deer with CWD prion....!


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                  Well here she is last night looks like she is having twins .
                  I walked all the tails looking for scrapes from monster buck last fall . . I hope he is the father . We all saw him on the cam .
                  I think it was him because after they pee they mark the branch above . They were pretty high !
                  Ill take a body gage next to a bush he gets up against on the web cam for scale . Now to find his sheds .
                  please dear lord 🙏


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                    She looks ready to domino !

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                  She does 😃


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                    Here's Misty.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Fun to see
                      My name is Gary. I live in NE South Dakota


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                        I love misty we have a yearling that likes to take selfies to .. or did you get that close ?? Beautiful land with the water .


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                          We scraped Misty off the highway.

                          She was probably less than two weeks old and had a triple break on her left hind leg. She'd been hit by a car.

                          She was as close to death as you can be and I felt that perhaps I should do something merciful.

                          My wife said she could see this animal wanted to live and to give her 24 hours.

                          We fashioned and fitted a splint and kept her in a quiet dark place.

                          She stayed at her side and after 12 hours the fawn took a sip of water, after 20 hours the fawn ate a rose petal.

                          It was remarkable to watch her heal.

                          Slow but definate progress.

                          After three weeks the fawn (named Misty) could gingerly find her feet. By three months she was walking, albeit with a distinct limp (her leg was permanently

                          disfigured). By six months she was running and pregnant.

                          We never caged her or confined her, except in those very early days, and she used us and our property as a sanctuary to heal.

                          My wife has a special thing with animals and she has to get credit for helping Misty recover and become a fully viable wild deer.

                          She stuck around long enough to have three pregnancies. The first a still-birth, then two sets of twins.

                          Sadly in her fourth summer (last summer) she came home disoriented and clearly sick. She parked her twins under the walnut tree in front of the house and wandered away.

                          We never saw her again.

                          Her babies are still around I think. Totally wild and shy but surviving in the valley.

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                        And then I started looking in the water for points