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My new noisy neighbor (wild cockatoo)

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  • My new noisy neighbor (wild cockatoo)

    We moved to a new apartment in Hong Kong and I have a rooftop for a bbq grill area. I also have a flock of really noisy birds that apparently like to come by in the morning. Yellow Crested Cockatoos.

    Turns out they are critically endangered in their native range, but there is a sizable breeding population on the hill behind my building. (200 pairs of the total of maybe 6000 birds in the world.)

    This one was jabbering to his friend, but I couldn't get a better picture of them both. I might see if I can put some seed out for them. (Any one know anything about birds? Not looking to do more harm than good, but I've always had bird feeders.)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	92F259B2-D9D0-41CC-B787-040F155045DE.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	70.6 KB ID:	470716

    Click image for larger version  Name:	B3F49792-17F1-4D9C-85D9-B58EEFC003A8.png Views:	0 Size:	295.2 KB ID:	470717
    Hong Kong, but from Indiana/Florida

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    I think they prefer nuts and fruits


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      Gosh! You are lucky (except for the poop; they have no sphincter control, and any “gifts” are not deliberate). I had Senegal parrot for 20+ yrs, and I agree fruit, nuts, seeds, veggies, BUT not avocado! I remember read not good for them after my Quid helped himself to my guacamole!
      Digging in GA, ‘bout a mile from the Savannah River


      • Lindenmeier-Man
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        Near fell out of chair on sphincter control ....LMAO... I’d have to get a different pet Cc !

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      Nice proud looking bird, they fly free in Florida a pair of earplugs is in I had a pair of blue parakeets, cried.last year when I had to find em a new home...Whoever started that rumor about birdbrains didn’t get it right, as any bird lover will you....on the down side birds can be very noisy (the rooster next door crows at midnight, wanta ring his neck,, ) and they produce a lot of poop...God love em...


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        try some music with the bird snacks
        If the women don\'t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.


        • Hal Gorges
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          Hilarious, just showed it to my daughter...

        • Cecilia
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          THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Best few minutes I’ve had in looong time!
          Brought back many memories with Quid...

        • Lindenmeier-Man
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          Fantastic !

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        Clovis, Olden’s Dancing Birds video made me think of parrot-stories with Quid. Grew him from egg, and took work every day in briefcase, where he stayed in opened big bottom desk drawer. Had heating pad coz had no feathers when baby, and was so ugly. At home, he slept on window ledge right above bed (hence, I know ‘bout bird poop). He got into closet one day when I was gone, and took every button off every shirt. Would lay on his back on kitchen table with dog toy in feet-hands. When birds express love, they start “heaving”, and give you their already-eaten food. He called me “Eeepsy” coz couldn’t say “Cissy” (what family calls me) since Senagals not known for talking ability. Would start out soft “Eeep-sy”, then work his way up loudness scale, getting more irate with each Eeepsy, ‘til he was screeching (“Get Me Outta This #x@* Cage”!)

        Hal is so right; they sooo smart! You gonna have a buncha new very funny friends!
        Digging in GA, ‘bout a mile from the Savannah River


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          Better a cockatoo than a peacock! Someone just up the road bought one and didn’t know the bird can take up to two years to acquire its feelings of “home”. In the mean time you have to keep them in an aviary until they imprint.
          Now it roams the neighborhoods nearby, hollering day and night. Too big for a fox to pick off I’m thinking, but a coyote may be just the ticket. Beautiful bird but it’s the owner that’s the bird brain.
          Child of the tides


          • Tam
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            Deb lived in a valley here that had about 200 and you do not sleep mating season .
            Meow meow all night

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          They must be beautiful to watch!
          South Carolina


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            Just remembered something, Clovis. When birds scratching spots on body with beck, not after mites or fleas or bugs, but preening themselves. They have oil glands located base of feathers that they’re stimulating. By spreading oil thru feathers, stay clean and shiny !
            Digging in GA, ‘bout a mile from the Savannah River


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              I do I do ha ha . I had pigeon couos to a wild crow and everything in between as a kid . Poor Dad ..
              Those guys are fruit , nuts like a peanut in the shell nuts , those beaks are not there for nothing .
              It would be cool if he would get tame enough to take some nuts from you .
              Be prepare for clean up those are messy birds .
              Someone must have let a pair of green parrots out of the cage because we have a flock now at diamond head .
              20 years ago we didn’t have finches we have now obviously pets released . I love um