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Our Chase! Green River Fish Fossils "Chasing History" YouTube Channel

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  • Our Chase! Green River Fish Fossils "Chasing History" YouTube Channel

    I went looking for Green River fish fossil videos on YouTube last night and I hit on Our Chase's "Chasing History" video. It is good. I haven't seen him lately???? I'm sure he posted about this a while ago. I just subscribed and look forward to seeing his other videos on his channel.Most recent video is one week ago.

    Digging fossil fish in the Green River Formation, Wyoming: an interview Lifetime Discoverer of History Tom Lindgren discussing the history of the Green River...

    His channel:
    Professor Shellman
    Tampa Bay

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    This is not John Chase from CO or our Chase . But as you said Tom this Chase Pipes . Chase is a close personal friend of mine and he travels all over collecting artifacts, fossils and metal detects as well. I great guy and friend
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      This is not to say John Chase is not a friend both John and Chase Pipes are friends of mine.
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        You got lotsa friends, for sure!

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      Names confuse me, lol!
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        Either way Tom your quest in life keeps me following you . Always learning .
        live to love this stuff buddie 👍


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          Hey the chase is better than the catch...right ?
          The chase is better than the catch...
          I'm Frank and I'm from the flatlands of N'Eastern Illinois...


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            If you want to see more videos from Chase Pipes have a look at these, we have videos in our resource section from Chase.

            Our Chase or the person who goes by Chase on our page is a different guy . He has been MIA for a while now. We miss him.
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              Tom I watched the first one again . I get it with limestone now and complete fossils .
              The reason I wanted to watch them break this up and I think you will find this interesting .
              My Father had a fireplace in our living room re-done / refaced with limestone for this very reason !!! Fossils .
              It was big chunks of white limestone with complete fossils in then . One was very large over a foot .
              Back when I was a kid . I actually went back to the house in Cal to tell the owner some history and it was lost in the earthquake .


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                These are great hope you guys are watching .